aLC-100Lens Checker

aLC-100Lens Checker

  • Bright-field and dark-field switching
  • Transfer image data to PC or Tablet
  • Easy observation of hidden Mark on spectacles lens

Easy connection to PC or Tablet with USB cable. Switching illumination type between Bright-field or Dark-field enables a quick check of contact or spectacle lens for any scratches, impurities and/or damage.

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  • Sample Images
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Image data transfer to PC or Tablet

You can expeditiously discover hidden scratches or unnoticed impurities by switching between dark-field and bright-field microscopy.

  • Bright field

  • Dark field

Image data transfer to PC or Tablet

In order to transfer image data for displaying and keeping records, a connection between the device and a PC or Tablet is necessary. You can make recommendations to your customer while observing the image.

  • - Application Software (included CD-ROM)
  • - Supported OS : Windows® 7 or higher

Easy observation of progressive identifiers on spectacle lenses.

A simple way to identify Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL) and variable focus lenses, is by reading the code imprinted on their surface. With the aLC-100, you will be able to check those symbols with a minimum effort.

Penlight and tweezers as standard accessories.

A handy LED pen light, useful for checking progressive identifiers, and soft silicone tweezers for handling contact lenses are included.

  • LED pen light

  • Contact lenses

Sample Images

  • Measurement examples of stains or impurities on contact lens

  • Coating peeling on spectacle lens

  • Progressive identifier on lens surface


Model aLC-100
Illumination Switch between illumination patterns (Bright-field / Dark-field) (Auto power off function - approx. 5 min)
Effective pixels 5.0 Megapixels
Effective field diameter ⌀10 mm or greater
Application software Included CD-ROM
File format Image: JPEG, BMP Video: MJPEG
Magnification 5.1x (equivalent to 18x on a 23-inch monitor)
Power supply Camera: 5 VDC (Supplied from connected device through USB cable)
Illumination unit: 12 VDC (AC Adapter)
Power consumption Camera section: 1W (Max)
Illumination unit: 4W (Max)
Supported OS Windows® 7 or higher
White balance Auto
Image 1/4” color CMOS
AGC Auto
Interface USB 2.0
Operating time Dependent on a PC or tablet
Dimensions 244 (W) x 234 (D) x 268 (H) mm
9.61 (W) x 9.21 (D) x 10.55 (H) in
Weight 1.6 kg (3.53 lbs)

*Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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